Experienced Internet Marketer Releases Data on IM Strategies

If Facebook is known for one thing, other than the fact that it has over 1 billion users, it is known for its ability to acquire companies that can help improve its overall usability. Obviously, they will also purchase companies because it will be profitable for them, and that's exactly what they have done with their acquisition of LiveRail. Using both mobile and desktop ads that are displayed on videos, to the tune of 7 billion every month, Facebook stands to gain a significant amount of money from the traffic and advertisements that are displayed on videos through their Facebook platform. By visiting http://emarketingchamps.wordpress.com/ one can gain some insight on new IM strategies.

One of the reasons that Facebook acquired LiveRail is because of how relevant the ads are that are displayed. Somehow, using their algorithms, they are able to discern what ad is the best fit. Facebook also has a desire to compete with the relevancy of organic traffic. They have a premium ad video program which allows advertisers to get 15 second spots for products and services that they have to offer. With this acquisition of LiveRail, they will take this to the next level, providing a better user experience for everyone watching videos through Facebook.

Whether you are a large company such as ABC, or simply someone trying to make your way up the Internet Marketing ranks, using LiveRail advertising may help your business improve its revenue, and at the same time, Facebook will provide its users with yet another interface that will help them have the best experience possible when surfing online. Hopefully this acquisition will be profitable and potentially helpful for everyone involved, making it yet another acquisition that will lend to the credibility of Facebook as a provider of the best possible advertising that is available on the web today.

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