MicroNFCBoard: Innovative Near Field Communication Development Platform for Internet of Things Applications

Cambridge, UK - AppNearMe has launched a new platform that makes it easy to use Near Field Communication (NFC). The platform targets the development of sensors and actuators that can communicate with a Near Field Communication (NFC) phone or tablet.

“Near Field Communication is a technology that can trigger actions based on touch based interactions. However the very limited offering in terms of development tools and platforms makes it difficult to use it.” - Donatien Garnier, Founder.

Unlike other NFC readers or kits, the MicroNFCBoard supports all three modes of NFC (reader/writer, card emulation and peer-to-peer) natively. It can communicate with passive NFC tags or Android and Windows phones and tablets. Users can reprogram the onboard ARM microcontroller using the online mbed.org platform to develop their own applications. The board can also be used as an accessory for popular prototyping platforms such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

The development kit also works along with a companion Android app (the AppNearMe app) that makes it easy to visualise the board’s inputs and control its outputs via NFC. For instance it can be used to visualise sensors’ values in real time, or activate or deactivate a function.

“The assumption for Internet of Things products is that they should be connected to the Internet permanently. This creates issues in terms of cost, power consumption and privacy. What we argue is that many devices will only require connectivity when a user is in physical proximity, and NFC is the ideal candidate in these cases.

The AppNearMe app allows device makers to replace limited physical interfaces from their products with an extensive user iACnterface that can be accessed on a phone and makes it straightforward to carry out maintenance, data collection and device configuration.” - Donatien Garnier, Founder.

The following demos can be found on the Kickstarter page:

• Piloting a robot with NFC tags

• Transferring a Youtube video from an Android phone to a Raspberry Pi

• Controlling a mood lamp in real time with an Android phone

• Visualising light and temperature sensors’ data in real-time with an Android phone

All source code and design files will be open-sourced at the end of the campaign.

The company will be accepting pre-orders and pledges via their Kickstarter campaign up until July 27th. For more information, please visit this link.

About AppNearMe:

AppNearMe is a Cambridge, UK-based start-up providing software and expertise on Internet of Things-related technologies, including Near Field Communication and with a focus on small embedded systems.

About Donatien Garnier:

Donatien Garnier is an embedded software engineer and founder of AppNearMe. He has worked with companies such as ARM, Vodafone and NXP Semiconductors as well as start-ups. The software for 3G connectivity for microcontrollers he architected and led the development of for ARM won the award for best software at Embedded World in 2013.

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