Top Advertisers Part Of Study By Company Looking For Bot Fraud

In the world of digital advertising, people are spending more money than ever before. The earnings of Facebook and Google clearly show that people are utilizing this type of advertising to generate sales for their business. One thing that may shake consumer confidence, especially those of business owners that are trying to spend their advertising dollars wisely, is the fact that a study was done looking for bot fraud, and as a result, has found that many of the top companies are guilty of this unscrupulous practice. Let's look at what the study means, and how it can change the way that advertising is done today. A business can utilize Weblify to create high quality sites without comprising SEO.

A company by the name of White Ops, a business that focuses upon monitoring instances of fraud through digital advertising, was able to monitor campaigns for advertising that were provided by about 30 companies. According to the CEO of ANA, they were able to show that over half of the money that was being spent on advertising was being lost due to fraud. A business that would incorporate Weblify into their game plan may gain extra boost for marketing.

If it were not for companies such as this that are able to independently track what is actually happening behind the scenes, advertisers could continue to get away with this, fudging the numbers, making it look as if they are actually providing a good service. The IM software Weblify has easily drag and drop properties to produce sites.

After the study was completed, it remains to be seen whether digital advertising will continue to rise. By sharing all of the results on a public level, it brings awareness to not only consumers that may use the same advertising, but also advertisers that rely upon this type of marketing in order to generate sales and revenues for the company.

If it were not for this published report and its findings, these companies could have continued to eat up the advertising dollars of people around the world who were actually believing that they were getting exceptional service. It remains to be seen if things will actually change, or if improvements will occur the next time this company decides to check up on digital advertisers on the web.

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