Bank Social Media Teams Become More Transparent

Social Media Command Centers are starting to become the norm at major financial institutions

In a discernible sign that the world’s largest financial institutions are placing increasing strategic importance on social channels, banks are moving their social media teams to highly visible, high-profile spaces. Decked out with multiple, big, wide-screen monitors behind huge panes of storefront display windows, these locations cannot help but draw the eye of passersby.

Financial institutions have begun to realize more staff is necessary to manage the workload of an effective social media presence. Placing these social media specialists in their own separate environment, apart from the typical office cubicle setting, is proving advantageous to the psyche of the creative mind and fits right in with the job they are doing – advertising.

NAB in Australia and their “Social Media Command Center” was the first to provide a new environment for their seven-person social support team and MasterCard came out with their “Conversation Suite” shortly afterward. Wells Fargo and Chase are now following their example.

Chase Bank has taken its 12-person Twitter team out of the corporate cube and made it a sidewalk show, similar to NBC’s street side studio for the “Today Show” at Rockefeller Center. The new command center in Columbus, Ohio is situated right across from the office park’s Starbucks outlet on the ground level. Encased in glass, it is like working in a fishbowl, says Bianca Buckridee, Social Media Operations Manager for Chase. “No more jeans for us (it’s) definitely business casual,” she says.

Their job duties almost become a form of performance art. “You can stop by and on the side of the building what you’ll see is two huge monitors,” explains Buckridee. “You have individuals standing there looking at a scrolling feed of the actual tweets from our customers, and they’re saying, ‘Wow, we didn’t even know Chase was on Twitter.”


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