MixxMuse Kicking-off a DJ Revolution

Join MixxMuse! Not only become a real DJ without the training and expensive equipment, but also prove to the music industry they can't control the music!

The developers of MixxMuse began their designs with the release of the first iPad, understanding immediately the potential of such technology.  Once the AppStore opened, MixxMuse became popular quickly and was featured within the store and spent two weeks in sixth place in the USA Free Top Music category.  Recognizing the fast growth and potential of MixxMuse, they ramped up their efforts to create the easiest, most accessible avenue in the world to becoming a DJ.

However, once the music business got wind of what MixxMuse was accomplishing, the usual political and financial nature of the industry slowed any progress.  When it came time to improve MixxMuse by adding options and more popular and well-known tracks, they found major labels charging exorbitant fees for the rights to use their songs.  This is where the revolution comes in:  By raising the necessary funds, MixxMuse can show the major record labels the strength of a populace who want more access to their music!

The practice of making and creating music hasn’t changed in years, and there are millions of creative people and musicians facing the same problems when it comes to mixing or remixing songs without expensive and hardcore equipment.

The goal of MixxMuse is simplicity of music creation, letting anyone be a real DJ at any party.  Imagine easily changing, retuning, or adding specific instrumentation to one of your favorite songs.

The idea is clear: any famous track is divided into samples, allowing you to mix as many as you like with only the touch of a finger.

By achieving their Crowd Funding goal, MixxMuse will allow subscribers to use tracks purchased on their iPad.

MixxMuse will not be just a simple application, but a fully functional platform where musicians will be able to add their own tracks and samples to sell or distribute as they wish. 

Also planned by MixxMuse is a revenue sharing model to let the musicians to share their music, gain popularity, and earn money. Be part of the music revolution, create your own music and support MixxMuse: http://kck.st/1apFaBx

No longer will a degree in music theory, hundreds of hours of practice, or thousands of dollars in equipment be necessary to create and mix music like a professional DJ.  MixxMuse is set to revolutionize music creation and mixing with a platform so simple, anyone can sound like a real, professional DJ at any party or event.  Together with MixxMuse you can help improve the music industry!

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