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The Tao of Badass Pdf By Joshua Pellicer
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Do you develop cold feet at the prospect of approaching an attractive woman at a bar ? Has the fear of rejection in draughty incapability to ask women out ? Have you been single for far too long ? Knowing that this is the story of a Majority of men out there may work as a balm on your slightly battered sense of self- confidence , however , it'll do little to improve your lot. The good news is that just because you are not a natural ladies man ' does not mean you can not land the girl of your dreams yourself . The book , Tao of Badass , that AIMS is a dating guide par excellence at giving more power to men by helping them read women's minds like a book!

Who is the Creator of this program ?

The author of the PDF e-book The Tao of Badass Joshua Pellicer is an expert on matters of dating advice. Besides this the best- selling e-book , dating advice Joshua has also a radio show based Game On to his credit. He also makes cameo appearances on television to share his expert dating tips . Hailed , as the Real Tao of Badass ' - Joshua has come a long way , from being a shy and submissive man that he was in his early years .

The 32 -year-old dating guru was born and raised at a trailer park in Florida , USA . Growing up , Joshua was a shy and introvert young man , who spent a better part of his teens and early twenties he was struggling to Attracted to woo girls . When he finally landed himself a girlfriend, he began submitting to her every demand for the fear of losing her. After a series of heartbreaks and rejections , he decided to take charge of his own destiny , and plenty of sunshine began the journey that turned him into a dating expert. Joshua began reading books on dating advice and signing up for online courses . Later , he moved on to Analyzing relationships with a view to understand their attitude towards the women's psyche and men.

The e-book , The Tao of Badass PDF storehouse of knowledge is combined with Assimilated Joshua's personal experiences over the years .

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System Format

In his book , The Tao of Badass PDF Joshua Pellicer focuses on understanding women's psychology through their body language. According to Joshua , there are Certain patterns ' that determined the success of a man's courting women. He claims These patterns are effective on a sizeable Majority of women , gear, irrespective of their age, ethnicity or personality . The book AIMS at lending a decisive edge to making them more attractive to men and women.

The Tao of Badass PDF has been divided into various sub - categories such as how to get a girlfriend, making you approach a woman , tips on dating , meeting women and improving confidence. Besides These basic tips on attracting and winning women over , the e-book also imparts knowledge on sexual triggers , the four -step process that women adopt while deciding whether or not to encourage a man's advances , and the three -part test a woman puts a man through, albeit subconsciously , that while decision making . In a nutshell , Joshua's program concentrates on:

· Ways to look attractive

· Tips on presentation and stress -free communication

· Decoding women's body language

· How to make a woman feel connected to you through prolonged conversation

· Ways to charm a girl and get her to make the first move

· Advice on the right attitude

· Common mistakes most men commit

· Tips on improving your prospects by acing the first date with a woman

· Dealing with rejection

· How to make her say yes '

· Making intimate conversation without any alarming

· How to win the first kiss

· How not to put off a woman


The Tao of Badass PDF offers some tangible and easy -to -implement tips for finding your way to a woman 's heart. Some of its key benefits include :

· Since it is an e-book , anyone looking for some dating tips can download it without difficulty .

· The book has step- by- step instructions that have been laid out in an easy to understand, systematic pattern.

· The author and his team are forthcoming with additional help to readers interested in

· A cost-effective way to polish your skills

· The book is supplemented with additional guides that are often available as free bonuses

Final Conclusion and Rating

Its flaws or shortcomings notwithstanding , tao of badass pdf deserve a 9 out of 10 rating. Comprehensive This program stands out in comparison to other dating advice dating guides available in the market. If you have the patience to invest time and effort in it , Joshua's dating guide will bring out the Casanova in you.

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