Fat Loss Factor Program Review - Did Dr. Charles Livingston Scam You?

Fat Loss Factor Program Book
A detailed unbiased review of the Fat Loss factor program to find out exactly what you get and achieve with this product by someone who has already used it

The Fat Loss Factor is a weight loss program which was created by Dr. Charles M. Allen This program includes a complete diet and exercise system as well as strain management and goal-setting among other helpful activities. During the 12-weeks program, weight-watchers can decide to either be on novice, intermediate or advanced weight loss levels, depending on the amount of weight they want to lose.


Phase 1: This program begins with a two week phase in which you will only eat natural foods such as fruit, nuts, legumes and vegetables among others. This phase meant to help you detox your body, eliminate contaminants that may have accrued inside your body, and prepare it for a long term fat loss. You must only drink rivers or spring osmosis water during this period.

During this period, it is advisable that you avoid doing any vigorous workout but instead take light workouts for instance, walking outdoors for about thirty to sixty minutes daily

These first two weeks may prove to be a little tough to handle because of the restriction on some foods. Nevertheless, this does not go on past the two weeks. Remember that this phase is critical if you desire to attain a long-term and maintainable weight loss.

Phase 2: Once the initial two weeks are over, you should start a more balanced dieting plan as well as vigorous exercises. The Fat Loss Factor program comprises of comprehensive training tactics for three levels of trainees, that is, novice, intermediate, and advanced. This allows you to do these exercises irrespective of your present level of fitness. These exercises can get really challenging at any level, and that is a good thing because you cannot actually expect to get good outcomes if you do not make real and concentrated efforts.

The exercises included here involve full body strength trainings and high intensity cardio exercise, exactly the type of exercises that many modern specialists consider as the best as far as fast fat burning is concerned. Besides the exercises and the main Fat Loss Factor eBook, the program consists of a collection of recipes and a guide to grocery shopping. This is intended to help you make healthy choices and cook some delicious meals. 

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  • · The diet comprises of a list of grocery and several healthy recipes. 
  • · You have a choice of four diet options depending on what you are aiming at.
  • · Inspires weight-watchers to set their goals and keep their performance records, which have been shown to result in better fat loss success.
  • · The program encourages eating of vegetables, fruits and organic foods.
  • · It gives advice about developing a new weight-management way of life.
  • · It stresses on the significance of embracing stress management tactics.


  • · The program is simple to read and the rules are easy to apply, however, it does require a lot of commitment on your part. 
  • · You possibly will have to spend some extra cash on your foods because you will have to purchase organic foods.
  • · The advanced option in this program needs the weight-watchers to fast for not less than 3 days.
  • · It lacks a meal plan.
  • · It needs home gym gears or a gymnasium membership so as to carry out the workout system suggested on the program.


Generally the Fat Loss Factor program is an established and very efficient weight loss scheme which will shows you stage by stage, how to effectively get rid of your body fat and lose those extra pounds by means of solid ideologies of healthy nutrition and right workout. Moreover, it is obvious that this program combine all the three pillars of a successful fat loss, that is, nutrition, cardio training and strength training in a really inspiring way.

Nevertheless, it is significant to understand that this program is not a magic potion that will mysteriously eliminate any fat. Therefore, if you are looking for a shortcut to weight loss then this program is probably not for you. If you truly want to get the best outcomes from this fitness program, then you must be thorough at following the Fat Loss Factor. On a scale of 9-10, this program has a rating of 9 out of 10. This will require both self-discipline and commitment but some wonderful outcomes are waiting just around the corner and they are definitely attainable. 

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